Spooner was amazing today. We left the hospitable Trinity Lutheran Church and headed to a few different facilities to do our projects.

There were students picking up garbage around Spooner, there were students carrying boxes and magazines from Spooner's visitors center to be recycled, and there were students helping a local family pack up for a move.

I was with the students who carried boxes and magazines from the basement of the Spooner visitor center to the truck, which then hauled the magazines and boxes to the recycling bins. Many hands made light work and we were soon done, so we helped another group pick up trash along the streets of Spooner.

It was a good feeling to be able to see the before and after of the basement and the streets - it was very satisfying to see how much garbage we had collected just over the course of an hour.

We then were invited to come to the Fire Hall, which was my favorite part. The trucks had recently been called out, and they needed to be washed. We wound up washing fire trucks, sweeping out the garage, and taking a lot of pictures - the volunteers working at the fire department even let us try on their equipment!

I was so happy and impressed with Spooner today. The whole community seemed so involved and it was a wonderful opportunity for us to see a community so close to Bemidji so friendly to us. I'm just wondering how we can ever top today!

Our first night 03/07/2009

We’re getting ready for bed on the first night of our trip. Trinity Lutheran Church in has been wonderfully accommodating.  Tonight we did a  lot of activities that helped everyone get to know each other. The level of friendship between our participants is amazing. I can’t believe we’ve only been on this tour for one day. I can’t wait to see what it will be like by the end of the trip!

We’re starting our first service project tomorrow, which is really exciting. There is a local family that needs to move, but doesn’t have the means to do so. I was told that this would be very difficult for them if not for our help. I think this project will let our participants feel the impact of the service they are providing. We’ll also be helping with recycling at the Chamber of commerce here in Spooner.


Thanks for reading our blogs! Your support means the world to us.

Natalie Hursey

Bus Core Member


Headed for Spooner, WI. 

This afternoon, we left Bemidji around 2:30, headed for Spooner, Wisconsin. There are twenty nine students on our tour this year. Twenty-five from BSU, one from Bemidji High, one from Voyaguers High School, one from New York Mills High School, and another from the Duluth area we picked up on the way.  So far, the bus core has been doing a good job of leading the way, though they were up into the wee hours planning last night. We pulled into Spooner around 7:30ish, and the Trinity Lutheran Church has kindly opened its space up to us for the night. We spent the evening getting to know each other, and had a good few rounds of Human Battleship going after we’d gone round the circle until we were pretty well grounded in who was who.

Tomorrow morning, we’ll be set to work in the city on various projects.  I’m really looking forward to Paying it Forward, though I’m torn over which project I want to help with. I was listening to the local radio station, and the forecast for tomorrow is that it’s going to be the best day ever. J

Peace out and stay tuned,
Kayla, BSU Sophomore


Hey everyone, Michael Meehlhause here with a little update on this last night before we head out on the Pay It Forward Tour.  The rest of the bus core and I are busy with our final preparations, including shopping, confirming everything with the cities, and getting our outline of the entire week relatively set. 
It's really exciting to see everything coming together like it is.  For a while we were not sure how many people we would have and if we would even be able to afford to put the trip on, but now with over 30 people signed up the trip is a go!  The past week has been amazingly stressful, but I wouldn't change a thing. 
Less than 24 hours until we load the bus, and I can't wait!

Our Blog 02/16/2009

During the tour we will be updating anyone who wants to know about how the tour is going. More to come later!


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