Bemidji State University Pay It Forward Tour

Who we are.

Students Today Leaders Forever (STLF) is a non-profit organization originating at the University of Minnesota in 2004. Bemidji State University students going on the Pay It Forward tour have one goal: to change the world.  STLF's mission is to reveal leadership through service, relationships, and action.  

What we do.

STLF students' main mission is to do community service in Bemidji as well as throughout the country.  BSU students go throughout the country by means of a charter bus during the Pay It Forward tour, which happens every year over spring break. This year's spring break we will be stopping in 5 different communities before we reach San Antonio, TX as our destination city. 

A typical tour leaves on the last day of school and drives to their first city. At that city, the students stay at places like community centers, churches, schools, etc. and sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag. Nights on a Pay It Forward tour are used to play games, reflect on the day, and build relationships. Bright and early the next morning, we get up and go to our first service project. Service projects have included visiting nursing homes, cleaning up garbage, building fences, wiring hospitals, wildlife restoration, etc. After 3-4 hours of community service in the town we stay at, we get on the charter bus and go to the next town, and do the same thing. 

bemidji state students today leaders forever pay it forward